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About Us

Zafrir Engineers Ltd. provides machining and assembly solutions for diverse industries, and specializes in turnkey solutions from receipt of draft to supply of finished products, accompanied by a quality assurance report and serviceable tag. The company offers competitive prices, flexibility in adapting solutions to customer needs, and high serial production capacity.

The Zafrir Engineers Company has more than 35 years of experience with a broad range of customers and hundreds of projects in various fields of engineering, both in Israel and overseas, and it is ready to respond quickly and specifically to production and supply of parts, assemblies and machines, in single and serial production, in any required work scope.

The company operates the most advanced equipment including state-of-the-art milling and turning machines, 5-axes CNCs and more, and it is certified to the international standards ISO9001/2000 and ISO13485.

Zafrir Engineers specializes in the following:

  • Precision parts machining

  • Turn-key projects including procurement, manufacturing, assembly, testing and delivery

  • Transferring projects from development to production

  • Support and development of products, including production of models, prototypes, and head of series

The company’s customers include leading companies in their fields such as Orbotech, Micro Swiss, Hewlett Packard, Visonic, Lumenis, GBM Automation and Robotics, as well as a wide range of hi-tech industrial companies in Israel, Europe and the USA.